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Orange You Glad It’s Fall?

There’s no denying our days are getting shorter but just before the endless gray begins, orange vegetables bring some vibrant color to the table to ease the transition. Not only do they provide visual warmth but they’re loaded with all sorts of goodness to help boost our immune systems as we enter into the darkness.  […]

Winter’s Raw Confetti Salad

It’s January, early in a new year, resolutions everywhere. It’s time to reaffirm an ongoing belief that is, for me, a cornerstone of this blog, that cooking at home is a sustainable act – sustainable in its benefit for the planet, sustaining for families as cooking and eating together have always been. Cooking from scratch […]

Versatile Vegetable Soup

Groundhog’s Day yesterday and Imbolc mean we’re halfway to spring. There are wee signs in the garden – the earliest flowers unfolding, and rhubarb gallantly punching hot pink nubs and crinkled neon leaves through its own mulch. Still, it’s winter and the hardiest vegetables rule. A steaming pot of homemade soup is winter’s snooze on […]

Back to Our Roots, Roast ’em

Now’s the time to roast any vegetable, and I think I mean any vegetable. If there’s an exception I don’t know what it is. Maybe lettuce. Warm up the house, kick up the flavor, which caramelization via high-heat roasting accomplishes (the Maillard Reaction), and dinner, maybe two, is halfway done. It’s an efficient way to […]

How to Make a Keyhole Garden

I’d love to put in some winter starts but my problem is finding an empty spot in my garden. I came across this great video from Kitchen Gardeners International showing a group of school children in Africa making what is basically a raised bed. Looks like a great design with plenty of space.

Go Green Again This Winter

Dark green veggies are in the wings awaiting winter performances. I feel like I should whisper it, winter. We don’t want to think about it in August, but it’s time to get hardy greens going. A soothsayer would come in handy, someone to proclaim the most auspicious day for getting the little starts into the […]