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Robust Quinoa Salad, Jackpot!

When you say you’re just having salad for dinner it could be this: quinoa with roasted squash, leeks and pumpkin seeds, parsley and cilantro, Mimosa dressing. Enough by itself, but you could add anything else that sounds good, like grilled Portobella mushrooms, lentils, a piece of fish or chicken, or chopped kale beneath the warm […]

Winter’s Raw Confetti Salad

It’s January, early in a new year, resolutions everywhere. It’s time to reaffirm an ongoing belief that is, for me, a cornerstone of this blog, that cooking at home is a sustainable act – sustainable in its benefit for the planet, sustaining for families as cooking and eating together have always been. Cooking from scratch […]

Craving Some Crunch: Winter Salads

I think I’ve had enough creamy comfort food for a while. Time to take a break and have for some palate-cleansing calm before launching into the next round of holiday treats. Lettuce, spinach, arugula and other tender greens are still available at the Farmers Market but so are all kinds of delicious crunchiness for salads […]

Massage Your Kale?

When friends say “we’re bringing massaged kale salad” for supper, you pay attention. They described their own introduction to this salad as they prepared it for our dinner, and trust me, massage is involved. Uber-healthy and delicious are also part of the picture. While making the salad, Betty and Mindy were positively gleeful just thinking […]