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Onward & Upward With Global Mobility

This New York Times article, Movable Feast Carries A Pollution Price Tag (New York Times, 4/26/08), with its accompanying video if you’re interested, is a good source of information about food carbon footprinting and provides useful perspective in making decisions about living green. Stepping lightly, living locally doesn’t have to be a crash diet, they usually fail, but a choice to do what you can reasonably accomplish a little bit at a time.

“Call of the Honeybees”

They conveniently appear in our language when we need an idiomatic phrase like the bees knees, busy as a bee, a bee in your bonnet, sting like a bee, the birds and the bees . . . On the other hand, we’re obsessed with their ability to sting, and our caring about their survival has been tempered with this edginess we have about their presence among us.

Table Manners in the Kitchen

Locavores from previous centuries savored Lobscouse, a sort of corn-beef hash, and Spotted Dog, a pudding with raisins. Thanks to Medieval/Renaissance Food Clip-Art Collection

Bring Your Own Chopsticks

China’s environmental challenge with disposable chopsticks is analagous to ours re. paper or plastic. (a 3-minute NPR audio with a 5-second ad at the beginning) http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=19203227