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Sum sum summertime: Tomatillo, Tomato, Corn & Ricotta Tortillas

It’s still summer and fresh corn is so good it’s almost a guilty pleasure. Take that corn off the cob and wrap it up in a tortilla with tomato, tomatillo salsa, savory ricotta, avocado, grill it in butter, and relish summer’s crème de la crème. Gild the lily with arugula, a fried egg, Dungeness crab […]

Souped Up on Tomatoes

Put me elbow-to-elbow at the farmers market over a box of Billy’s tomato seconds and I can get pretty competitive. My greediness reared its ugly head last week and I ended up with about four large tomatoes more than I needed. Serves me right, because there were plenty to go around. Even knowing this, the […]

Determined to Grow Indeterminates

You know what I mean. Those big juicy beefsteak-type tomatoes that require the support and love only a Southerner living in the Northwest can give. Don’t ask me why I have this need to try to grow tomatoes in the face of enormous odds. As Valerie Easton said in her Tips for growing organic tomatoes […]

One or Two More Things About Tomatoes

And then that’s enough about tomatoes for this year . . . maybe.  They’re abundant at the moment so I made Gazpacho and dried some. Returned home from vacation a couple of days ago to find tomato plants, finally, laden with ripened tomatoes. They’re late and not as sweet as when they ripen earlier, but […]

Tomato Sauce for Winter

Surely among the top ten slow foods is tomato sauce. The reward for preserving them in late summer will be the essence of luscious vine-ripened garden tomatoes mid-winter in a soup or marinara sauce, with an onion and sausage frittata or mushroom polenta. I’m a fool for tomatoes and should make myself a tomato cape, […]

Summertime Fennel Salad

Fennel, cucumber, fresh dill and tomatoes tossed together with lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper make a superb crunchy fresh salad. Others knew this already I’m sure, but for me it’s new. I’ve been wanting to make something different in the salad department. It’s been greens from the backyard and the occasional ripe tomato […]

Roasted Tomato Salsa Tastes Good & You Can Dance To It

You gotta love something that you can both dance to and eat. Tomatoes are ripening in the back yard, especially the Fourth of July’s, a handful of Sundgolds, Green Zebra and Muskovites – bins at Farmers Markets are overflowing. The first and best thing to do with a ripe tomato is to pick it and […]

Straight-from-the-Garden Pasta Sauce

If you’re serious about eating from garden plot to plate, this is the dish for you. You can literally make this sauce while sitting at your picnic table, going inside only to cook the pasta. It’s that easy and brings out all the summery flavors of tomato, basil and garlic in a way that cooked […]