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Simple Savory Side Dishes

Who doesn’t love Thanksgiving dinner? I do, except for the way I feel after consuming so many carbs that I can barely make it off the couch. I guess that’s the point of a feast but it’s starting to feel excessive, wasteful and over the top. I’ve been looking for ways, not to reinvent a […]

Something Green on the Side

Undoubtedly, green vegetables are the last to be eaten on Thanksgiving Day. So why even bother with extra side dishes knowing that it’s an all out turkey-potato-stuffing-gravy eat-a-thon? I’m sorry, but I don’t have a really good answer for you except that in our house a meal without something green just doesn’t cut it. We […]

A Bowl of Vegetable Broth

At the heart of every good soup is a delicious broth.  Gravy, risotto and many of our favorite holiday dishes depend on it. You can buy a decent carton package of broth off the shelf, and believe me, I’ve bought plenty. You can also make your own and use bones, roots and other vegetables that […]

2 Simple Sides: Shrooms & Squash

Those of us who have chosen to prepare a local meal for our Northwest Thanksgiving feast have lots of side dish options to choose from. When it comes to sides, there are so many possibilities, I try to reign my imagination in and go for something simple that can be mostly prepared ahead of time. […]