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Converting Your Lawn to Garden

While looking at the Scallops (Sustainable Communities all over Puget Sound) website, I came across this informative video, appropriately named Lawn Gone, from the Urban Farmers Guild of Sustainable NE Seattle. It clearly shows two options for converting your lawn to garden. One method is sheet-mulching — basically covering the sod with compost, amendments, cardboard […]

MixedGreens Predictions for 2009

At this time of year I love to read about predictions and trends. It all started when I had a clothing company and was obsessed with color. Not that I consider myself trendy but there is something exciting about seeing how close I’ve come to predicting where we are headed. This year, I’ll have to […]

Compassionate Bees Emulate Nation’s Angst

Queen Cells in the Hives, Oh No. This recent blog posting at Sunset’s one-block diet site is about bees, but on national Election Day I’m reading between the lines. Check it out. Dontcha think this dissatisfied hive of bees sounds familiar? Anyway, I find the Sunset posting apropos. It reminds me that healthy beehives and […]

Life in a Sustainable Slower Lane

Speed dial epitomizes our penchant for zooming from one thing to the next. The possibility of increased sustainability makes the effort to chill worthwhile, to slow down and simultaneously save fuel and bucks. We’re aware of the need to decrease fuel consumption, but it’s as tough to go on a fuel diet as it is […]

Permaculture 101

Lately I’ve been hearing more and more about permaculture. I knew it referred to a system designed for sustainable food production but now I’m realizing that it encompasses a lifestyle philosophy as well. I found this video that explains the basics, in case any of you are wondering, as I was, what permaculture is all […]

Back to School: Sustainable School Supplies

Here’s Olive, her backpack filled with school supplies, ready for her first day back at school. Her mom, Sharon tries to buy green products whenever she can but it’s not as easy as it sounds. Each family is given a list of supplies their child is expected to have for school. It is what you […]

Our Own Fish Story, Loki Fish

Whenever we buy fish at Loki, the meal we make – often barbecued salmon cooked atop a bed of fennel stalks – is imbued with the whatever local we’ve been served that morning from the Loki crew. We learn a little something about the fish we’re getting that week – where it came from, what’s coming up next, what’s gone for this year, sometimes a bit about the politics of it all.

Fish are Jumpin’ & the Carrots are Nigh

Who knew that a piece of wild Alaskan salmon and a yogurt raita from southern India, accompanied by a piece of naan, could land on the same plate and have a decent conversation. Traditionally Indian and Greek condiments, raita and tzatziki use similar ingredients and are served with lamb or grilled veggies. We enjoyed the […]

Elliott Bay Brew Pub . . .

. . . a local business to believe in. A couple of months ago I posted a comment from Kurt Timmermeister of Kurtwood Farm on Vashon Island describing his thoughts about living locally. He said, among other things: I want to move from just eating locally to living life and doing business locally with a […]

Local Food Action Initiative Passes

Phyllis Shulman in Richard Conlin’s office sent an email this week saying, “The Local Food Action Initiative resolution passed. In the process many (and I mean many) people contacted our office to share ideas, show interest and ask questions about the Initiative. The time seems really ripe for taking actions related to the local food […]