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Drink It: Basil & Berries

Giveaway results at the end of this post! You can’t fool a basil plant. it’ll absolutely wait until it’s warm enough to come out and play. Once summer really and truly arrives, basil can be your best friend at a party or picnic — ready to mix it up and bring out even the shyest […]

Preserve It: Sun-Dried Jam

I’m not a huge jam-eater and the thought of pectin, paraffin, jelly thermometers and jar-lifters puts my brain on instant overload. Yet in my perfect world, I have a vision of a very orderly pantry lined with jars filled with various delicacies to savor throughout the year — continuous reminders of our luscious summer produce. […]

Strawberry Meals Forever

Local strawberries made their first appearance of the year at the University Farmers Market last weekend. It wasn’t a hesitant debut but an unabashed statement of presence that couldn’t be ignored. Not that I’d want to. In terms of sheer amount, I probably consume more strawberries per season than any other berry. Part of that […]

Billy’s Got Berries

Saturday morning at the University Farmers Market the buzz was, ” Billy has strawberries”. It is hard to believe that anyone in our region has weather warm enough for strawberries but there they were at Billy’s — the beautiful, plump, sweet berries I’ve been waiting for. One more indication that summer is happening this year, […]