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Unplug Electronics & Plug in the Tea Kettle

Unplug energy-wasting electronics, and then make a cup of tea. A lot of technology and often too little of nature characterize our lives these days. Unplugging techy accessories is for the environment, the Honey Mint tea is for unplugging ourselves, a yin and yang kind of thing. First, the electronics. Environmentally speaking, this information, if […]

Be Inspired by Frances Moore Lappe

After seeing Frances Moore Lappe discuss the Local Food Action Intitiative at the City Council meeting a week ago, I am still thinking about some of her ideas concerning the issue of sustainability. Take a step back and let her help you see the big picture.

Choose to Reuse

They say that consumer confidence is at a five year low. Instead, I like to think that we are reining in our power to consume and trying to be more mindful of our purchases. Now that I am photographing food on a regular basis, I could easily go to Target or Ikea in search of […]

Where the Hat Hangs . . .

. . . is home. For many of us that’s the Pacific Northwest. Its seasons, its produce, its climate and landscape are familiar. This is our particular niche on the planet. What does it mean to connect with a place beyond its scenic beauty? Some of us aspire to live locally/seasonally, or at least attempt […]