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You are Your Refrigerator

I wish I were more like my refrigerator — tall, sleek, energy-efficient….. I’ll admit that I have a thing about refrigerators. One memory I can’t repress is the fear of looking closely in my Mom’s fridge, especially as she got older. Each time I opened the door was like entering an archeological dig. It was […]

A Green Recession?

Can our bad economy have a silver lining? One way to look at it is that we may end up with a cleaner environment and a healthier population despite ourselves. The recent spike in the price of gas reportedly had an effect on our driving habits. Many people have considered and are using alternatives to […]

Is it Biker Chick or Biker Chic?

Locomotion in its various forms, walking, kayaking, biking, skiing, hiking, swimming, are activities I’ve always loved and feel eager about including in my life. Biking through city traffic? Not so much. But I wanted to do something, even a small thing, in regard to fossil fuel consumption. My husband takes this seriously and commutes through […]

Are You Under Pressure?

I, on the other hand, am embarrassed to say that I can’t remember the last time I checked my tires, even knowing that my car could be 3-4% more fuel efficient which translates to a monthly reduction of over 90 million gallons of gas or 1.8 billion lbs of CO2 released into the earth’s atmosphere if everyone that drives in the US would start taking this simple action…. You might want to check your glove box just in case it is buried underneath the maps, etc. If a gas station has air for tires, it may also have a gauge on the hose.

Attending to Carbon Foodprints

Accustomed to whatever food we crave whenever we want it regardless of the season, the cost of that to the planet has been disregarded or closeted until recently. A colossal carbon footprint is often required to put off-season food on our plates. It’s hard to face since we’re not prone to radical change on the […]

Growing Our Food: Stoney Plains Organic Farm

Stoney Plains Organic Farm is another vendor who’s become a familiar part of the Pacific Northwest Farmer’s Market scene. One of the reliable, upbeat purveyors of local organic food, they bring their seasonal array to our neighborhood markets, including Seattle’s Pike Place Market. Patrick Meyer is the amiable farmer who makes it even more worthwhile. […]

Small Actions: A Positive Approach

I can’t help feeling guilty after being on vacation. It’s not so much about taking time off from work or drinking cocktails every night that bothers me. It is more about being faced with all the ways I was adding to my carbon footprint along the way. One biggie is six of us flying across […]

Rhubarb Jam & Java, Good Mornin’

Rhubarb jam on a piece of toast with a cup of java on the side, the way to begin a day. Rhubarb is still in season so there’s definitely time to indulge in a few more pies and crisps, sauce, and this jam. Spread it on a piece of toast, a pancake, a waffle, a […]

Seafood Watch, Sustainable Seafood Choices

Oceans, their fish and shellfish, are in trouble. Every week there’s a new story, most recently one about how the current level of seawater acidity is as high as it was predicted to be decades from now – we’re ahead of schedule. Such events seem ambiguous, there’s a disconnect between what we read and what […]

Reclaiming Agricultural Roots

_r=1&th=&emc=th&pagewanted=all “It’s as if we have lost track of the fact that food is linked to agriculture, which is linked to human survival.” … There are several organizations to be aware of regarding the politics of agriculture these days if you’re interested So, I visited my Farmers Market this weekend with these things on my mind, thinking about the naivete which surrounds our habits of food here in relation to the rest of the world.