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Will a Farmer in Chief Plant Veggies in the Rose Garden? Enjoy a baked apple?

I wish. While apples are baking in the oven read Michael Pollan’s article from Sunday’s New York Times. I’ll say right up front that it’s long, nine pages, but it’s a doozy, an open letter to the next president, the next Farmer in Chief. Maybe you’ll just read part of it, or skim quickly through, […]

Tomato Sauce for Winter

Surely among the top ten slow foods is tomato sauce. The reward for preserving them in late summer will be the essence of luscious vine-ripened garden tomatoes mid-winter in a soup or marinara sauce, with an onion and sausage frittata or mushroom polenta. I’m a fool for tomatoes and should make myself a tomato cape, […]

Take A Wok With Shades Of Green

Whistling Farm challenges us to try something new once in a while in the way of greens, so when I saw their chrysanthemum greens last weekend I thought I’d go for it. chrysanthemum & greens 11 But first, what the heck are they? … I tried a stir-fry using the chrysanthemum greens and other veggies that I had around, along with lots of sliced garlic stirred together quickly in hot peanut oil and served immediately.

Fish are Jumpin’ & the Carrots are Nigh

Who knew that a piece of wild Alaskan salmon and a yogurt raita from southern India, accompanied by a piece of naan, could land on the same plate and have a decent conversation. Traditionally Indian and Greek condiments, raita and tzatziki use similar ingredients and are served with lamb or grilled veggies. We enjoyed the […]

On the Local Table: Onion & Goat Cheese Tart

A steaming hot bowl of French onion soup would be soothing, spring onions are especially sweet right now. Plus we need soup to go with our tea and blankets and warm cozy fire. Things have gone even more awry than we thought possible climatically and geographically speaking, the hemispheres have flipped, we’re in the southern […]

On the Local/Seasonal Table: Spinach

In her book “Animal, Vegetable, Minerall” http://www.amazon.com/Animal-Vegetable-Mineral-Year-Food/dp/B000OJKVL0 Barbara Kingsolver says that if each family in the United States make just one local meal each week, we would reduce our annual oil consumption by barrels. … I feel chagrined that I forgot about this little detail while consuming whatever/whenever these past years, and that my choices are reflected in our nation’s gluttony of fuel use, much of it for agricultural needs, i.e. to put food from faraway on our plates.