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Just Garlic

Three heads of last year’s garlic crop left. The final three. Recent harvests have dwindled due to an as yet unnamed rot, so we’ve decided to give the soil a break and not grow garlic for a while. Thanks to Bob’s attention to it all we rotate the garlic crop annually as recommended, but something’s […]

Cranberries Upsidedown

Cake with gooey cranberries on top, not a bad way to start or end the day. Cranberries are a Pacific Northwest crop that happen to also be a super food, like blueberries. It may be dessert, but it has its nutritional benefits. Second thought, no need to vindicate, just let it be dessert. Cranberry Walnut […]

Rutabaga Groove

You gotta love a food that sounds like a dance, a raunchy one at that. Actually, rutabagas are pretty tame, like a potato, and they have a culinary vocabulary in common: gratins, purees and soup. Rutabagas are in season, a reason to celebrate for those who eagerly await their return each fall. We’re growing them […]

One or Two More Things About Tomatoes

And then that’s enough about tomatoes for this year . . . maybe.  They’re abundant at the moment so I made Gazpacho and dried some. Returned home from vacation a couple of days ago to find tomato plants, finally, laden with ripened tomatoes. They’re late and not as sweet as when they ripen earlier, but […]

Our Own Fish Story, Loki Fish

Whenever we buy fish at Loki, the meal we make – often barbecued salmon cooked atop a bed of fennel stalks – is imbued with the whatever local we’ve been served that morning from the Loki crew. We learn a little something about the fish we’re getting that week – where it came from, what’s coming up next, what’s gone for this year, sometimes a bit about the politics of it all.

Growing Our Food: Stoney Plains Organic Farm

Stoney Plains Organic Farm is another vendor who’s become a familiar part of the Pacific Northwest Farmer’s Market scene. One of the reliable, upbeat purveyors of local organic food, they bring their seasonal array to our neighborhood markets, including Seattle’s Pike Place Market. Patrick Meyer is the amiable farmer who makes it even more worthwhile. […]

Rhubarb Jam & Java, Good Mornin’

Rhubarb jam on a piece of toast with a cup of java on the side, the way to begin a day. Rhubarb is still in season so there’s definitely time to indulge in a few more pies and crisps, sauce, and this jam. Spread it on a piece of toast, a pancake, a waffle, a […]

Onward & Upward With Global Mobility

This New York Times article, Movable Feast Carries A Pollution Price Tag (New York Times, 4/26/08), with its accompanying video if you’re interested, is a good source of information about food carbon footprinting and provides useful perspective in making decisions about living green. Stepping lightly, living locally doesn’t have to be a crash diet, they usually fail, but a choice to do what you can reasonably accomplish a little bit at a time.