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Resurrecting Rhubarb-Thyme Jam, Pie, & Alice’s Soufflé

Want something sassy and hot pink for supper? In a word, rhubarb: rhubarb-thyme jam (like a chutney), and rhubarb pie. Preceded by a light and airy, easy-to-make souffle. Aaaah, springtime. We never think to smell the rhubarb, it has way too much competition right about now, but we should. It’s a robust and gorgeous big-boned […]

A Rhubarb Recipe Reunion

Every January our rhubarb reappears, small bright green and rosy pink nubs emerging from the previous rhubarb’s dark organic compost. By mid-April it’s at its peak, robust and sassy in flavor. If a fruit could be buxom it would be rhubarb, full bodied green ruffled leaves ascending upward and outward while flirtatious hot pink lining […]

What’s Not to Love About Rhubarb

I know I’m not the only one who’s ignored rhubarb plants inherited from a previous landowner. Still, there’s no excuse for my neglect over ten years before finally figuring out what a goldmine I have growing right in my own backyard. I’m not talking about one little ratty plant but a stand of 6 or […]

A Fool for Rhubarb, It’s Hot Pink & Heralds Spring

What can I say? She’s a babe. Eight weeks ago rhubarb lay dormant in her own leafy compost, today with hot pink stalks and abundant crinkly leaves ablaze, she struts her stuff. These first leafings are positively iridescent in their exuberance. (Don’t even think about eating them!) Enough for a small bowl of sauce. The […]

Back to the Locabar: Rhubarb Margarita

I’ve been hinting for weeks that I wanted a special cocktail for my birthday. Last summer we got so used to fresh, seasonal ingredients that our long winter presented a special challenge for the Cocktail Study Club. More often than not, Friday night rolled around and Charlie would say, “How about a martini?” I love […]

Rhubarb Reappears

For me, rhubarb proclaims spring. It’s been so since I was a kid when bowls full appeared at breakfast, and then pies on Sunday. I even hid inside the plant and under its broad leaves one time until I was scooted out of there by my grandmother – a sweet embrace while it lasted. I […]

Rhubarb Jam & Java, Good Mornin’

Rhubarb jam on a piece of toast with a cup of java on the side, the way to begin a day. Rhubarb is still in season so there’s definitely time to indulge in a few more pies and crisps, sauce, and this jam. Spread it on a piece of toast, a pancake, a waffle, a […]

A Local Meal: Let the Hum Begin

A lively chicken and cabbage salad will get your body buzzing, in a good way. But to be fair, this piece is really about dessert cleverly disguised as salad. After a supper of salad a person feels so healthy and smug. For me this momentary self-righteousness invariably leads to dessert, but I know myself and […]

Rhubarb’s Back

  . . . feisty and sour as ever, but add a little sugar and it’s transformed. Some of us are like that. This is our early spring vegetable that thinks it’s a fruit. We treat it as if it were fruit, like sour cherries, and make delicious desserts with it. Just a few weeks […]