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Resurrecting Rhubarb-Thyme Jam, Pie, & Alice’s Soufflé

Want something sassy and hot pink for supper? In a word, rhubarb: rhubarb-thyme jam (like a chutney), and rhubarb pie. Preceded by a light and airy, easy-to-make souffle. Aaaah, springtime. We never think to smell the rhubarb, it has way too much competition right about now, but we should. It’s a robust and gorgeous big-boned […]

Spring Flings From the Garden: Rhubarb & Rosemary, Sorrel & Chives

Fresh young mounds of sorrel and rhubarb beckon from the backyard, all dewy and green. While winter veggies are on the wane, they are garden sirens. For god’s sake, we’re at our prime, have your way with us! Rhubarb’s easy. I grew up loving its sauce and pie, and there was a brief moment in […]

A Rhubarb Recipe Reunion

Every January our rhubarb reappears, small bright green and rosy pink nubs emerging from the previous rhubarb’s dark organic compost. By mid-April it’s at its peak, robust and sassy in flavor. If a fruit could be buxom it would be rhubarb, full bodied green ruffled leaves ascending upward and outward while flirtatious hot pink lining […]

On the Local Table: Soufflé Mystique & Rhubarb Thyme Jam

A meal to please the need for cheese, a delicate melting mouthful of meditation for your palate . . . go make one and see what I mean. It’s not so difficult. A goat cheese or any-kind-of-cheese soufflé, with a seasonal vegetable and some good bread can be a mostly local meal.  Rev it up […]