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Robust Quinoa Salad, Jackpot!

When you say you’re just having salad for dinner it could be this: quinoa with roasted squash, leeks and pumpkin seeds, parsley and cilantro, Mimosa dressing. Enough by itself, but you could add anything else that sounds good, like grilled Portobella mushrooms, lentils, a piece of fish or chicken, or chopped kale beneath the warm […]

Stuffed! Roasted Sweet Peppers & Quinoa

Company dinner the other night and I got to thinking that, along with a hug, a guest’s next best welcome might be the delicious aromas of whatever’s cooking, and knowing that it’s especially for them. Buttermilk-marinated chicken roasting in the oven alongside a pan of carrots with garlic, cumin and orange. Roasted peppers, cooked earlier, […]

Perfect Protein Quinoa

Growing up on a ranch in eastern Washington, quinoa never entered the culinary picture, nor couscous, rarely rice, not much pasta either. But potatoes aplenty. My father and grandfather grew them which I guess explains it. Food cultures vary from family to family, regionally, and internationally, and time makes a difference too, food fads come […]

Mix ‘n Match Summer Salads

This hot weather is enough to drive even a southern girl like me out of the kitchen around dinner time. My solution is to fix salads — lots and lots of salads. Buy your basics from the farmers market or better yet, grow your own. Add a couple of exotic accessories and you can come […]