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Spring’s Honey Do Cocktail

Spring is officially here and the activity level is really amping up around our garden. The bees aren’t the only ones who are in a semi-crazed state jumping from one corner of the garden to another in hopes of making a dent in a continually updated list of priorities. Not that I’m making a list […]

Back to the Locabar: Rhubarb Margarita

I’ve been hinting for weeks that I wanted a special cocktail for my birthday. Last summer we got so used to fresh, seasonal ingredients that our long winter presented a special challenge for the Cocktail Study Club. More often than not, Friday night rolled around and Charlie would say, “How about a martini?” I love […]

At the Locabar: The Beet Goes On

Today is Halloween — time to hit the Locabar and concoct a ghoulish cocktail. A friend once told me about a movie idea of hers. A woman would be shown washing what looked like blood from her hands while clutching a very sharp knife. As the camera zoomed in, you would find out that she […]

At the Locabar: Cucumber Mint Cooler

At last we have weather worthy of drinking a “cooler”. For a group of six thirsty drinkers, start out with 1 cup of mint leaves, packed with no stems. You’ll also need 3 japanese cucumbers preferably from Mair Farm-Taki at the Farmers Market. Regular or english cukes will also work but these japanese cucumbers are […]