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When Life Gives You Sour Cherries . . .

. . make cherry pie. Our Montmorency cherry tree is having its annual 15-minutes of fame. Loaded with bright pink and golden cherries, it glows festively and looks like it’s been decorated with a string of lights. Cherries are enticing and children sometimes find their hot pinkness irresistible, grab a couple and pop them straight […]

Romancing A Sour Cherry

Let’s face it, there’s not much romance in a sour cherry until you sweeten it. Montmorency cherries in the front yard are ripe, hot pink and ready for action. Passers by are tempted to try them, and they do, but there should be a warming sign: Eat at your own risk, these babies are sour! […]

Montmerency Cherry Joy

Life is not a bowl, but a frosty glass of cherries, hot pink and straight from the garden or the farmers market. Last year I read about the health benefits of Montmorency cherries and that their juice is prized, which might be true of any sour cherry. A sleep aid, better than melatonin, arthritis cure, […]

Gelati, Cherry & Chocolate

Gelati, gelato. Summer has to be just around the corner. Grilling and Folk Life are happenin’, it’s Memorial Day weekend and at my house the ice cream freezer’s humming. A bumper crop of Montmorency cherries in the front yard will ripen in the next few weeks while two or three quarts from last year loiter […]