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Fish are Jumpin’ & the Carrots are Nigh

Who knew that a piece of wild Alaskan salmon and a yogurt raita from southern India, accompanied by a piece of naan, could land on the same plate and have a decent conversation. Traditionally Indian and Greek condiments, raita and tzatziki use similar ingredients and are served with lamb or grilled veggies. We enjoyed the […]

A Local Meal: Chicken Salad and Sunshine

Chicken salad, a summer classic, is a good choice for a local meal to celebrate the summer solstice. This time of year I like to fix meals that take very little preparation and can be easily moved outdoors if the sun decides to break through the clouds and give us a few extra hours of […]

Please Pinch Your Herbs

My garden seems to have sprung into action with the heat last weekend. The herbs are practically begging to be picked and eaten. A few years ago I heard a lecture by Eaglesong, an herbalist who runs Ravencroft Garden and at that time was chief gardener at the Herbfarm. One of the things she said […]

Putting it All Together: Savory Bread Pudding

It feels like spring at the University Farmers Market. Energy is picking up, there are more vendors and more buyers. This was the last week for Preston Hill Bakery at our market. They make wonderful artisan breads using mostly local flour. I couldn’t resist buying some extra ciabatta knowing that they are moving on to […]