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PC Fast Food @ Burgerville

The concepts of political correctness and a cheeseboiga don’t seem compatible. Oxymoronish maybe. But then there’s Burgerville, a fast food joint with sustainability at its heart. Go figure. And there are quite a few to choose from along the I-5 corridor from soutwestern Washington through central/southern Oregon. A quote from Burgerville’s website: “When you choose […]

Our Own Fish Story, Loki Fish

Whenever we buy fish at Loki, the meal we make – often barbecued salmon cooked atop a bed of fennel stalks – is imbued with the whatever local we’ve been served that morning from the Loki crew. We learn a little something about the fish we’re getting that week – where it came from, what’s coming up next, what’s gone for this year, sometimes a bit about the politics of it all.

Rhubarb Jam & Java, Good Mornin’

Rhubarb jam on a piece of toast with a cup of java on the side, the way to begin a day. Rhubarb is still in season so there’s definitely time to indulge in a few more pies and crisps, sauce, and this jam. Spread it on a piece of toast, a pancake, a waffle, a […]

On the Local Table: Lettuce Wraps

We often have a Friday evening gathering of family and friends. Usually it is spontaneous and I’ll pull out whatever we have in the fridge and put together a couple of plates of appetizers. I’m always trying to think of new ways to use the same ingredients without having to plan ahead or work too […]

More about figuring out ‘local’

A little more about defining what’s local, what’s local enough (2/11 posting) . . . These are excerpts from This Organic Life by Joan Dye Gussow (Chelsea Green Publishing, 2001) discussing her point of view about eating locally/sustainably:             In much of the continental United States, of course, and certainly in regions where the ground […]