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Spring Ramblings

Proclamations are everywhere, though technically spring’s still around the corner: the sun’s out, it’s warmish, there’s birdsong again and gamboling lambs, the clincher. Lambs, Ewes available nearby, the Ram a formidable sentinel, I thought I would bust discreetly through a flock on my way up the hill. I noticed the horns, but thought sheep are […]

A Call to Your Inner Farmer

Talk about local, say hello to your inner farmer and consider planting a little something in a pot, in the backyard, in the parking strip. We’ll get to the ‘how’ in a few days. But first, what could it mean to grow food for the family plate? You’ll nurture soil and seed, watch it become […]

Kids, Farmers and Super Markets

Walking and visiting my way through the Farmers Market recently, I noticed children. I always notice children, but lately I’ve been thinking about their experience with food. They were peeking at vendors’ wares, tasting this and that, standing with their parents when it came to discussing and purchasing food. A little boy, maybe nine, conversed […]