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Kale Caesar!

A perfect storm of conditions prompted me to make a kale version of the classic Caesar: a craving for a from-scratch Caesar, a dauntingly large crop of kale in the garden, and, I have a nice batch of freshly made croutons; it’s autumn, the season for dark greens, and finally, it’s  über healthy. Croutons, garlicky […]

Flavor it Green

And no, I’m not talking about beer. How can a person be on vacation and at the same time be on a health kick? Why is it called a health kick anyway? Because it lasts such a short time or because it’s so much fun?  Anyway, I’m on one, partly because I’m ready and partly […]

Be Kale My Heart

Kale plants in the backyard are a show all winter long. Hardy and steadfast, they dominate a big patch of the winter garden, and lately they’ve turned seasonal warmth and light into effervescent new leaves – garden sirens beckoning me to look, to photograph and to eat. Be kale my heart may be a frivolous […]