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Kale Caesar!

A perfect storm of conditions prompted me to make a kale version of the classic Caesar: a craving for a from-scratch Caesar, a dauntingly large crop of kale in the garden, and, I have a nice batch of freshly made croutons; it’s autumn, the season for dark greens, and finally, it’s  über healthy. Croutons, garlicky […]

Go Raw. Eat Slaw.

Whether you’re curious about the raw food movement or just looking for an excuse not to turn on the stove, this is the very best time of year to eat raw foods. Fresh, organic, fully ripe produce is everywhere you look and with a small amount of preparation, a little imagination and a food processor […]

Leftover Bread Gets a Makeover

Late winter is hard on all of us but there’s nothing sadder than a heel of bread. What just a couple of days ago was fresh, golden and springy has become dull and stiff, decidedly less appealing. Even worse, you may come across the forgotten remains of a loaf buried deep within your freezer. Don’t […]