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Reclaiming Agricultural Roots

_r=1&th=&emc=th&pagewanted=all “It’s as if we have lost track of the fact that food is linked to agriculture, which is linked to human survival.” … There are several organizations to be aware of regarding the politics of agriculture these days if you’re interested So, I visited my Farmers Market this weekend with these things on my mind, thinking about the naivete which surrounds our habits of food here in relation to the rest of the world.

Animated Cardoons Tickle the Palate

Verdant blankets of green are a neon eyeful at the moment, and cardoons are part of the garden’s spring fling. I should wear a party dress in the backyard to show my respect. Cardoons have a gawky elegance in contrast to the gnarly fence behind and the exuberant young clematis above – they’re edible and […]

Grass is Green but Moss is Greener

Moss will grow in your yard in the Northwest without doing anything to make it happen. Its requirements are the very things that many of us have in abundance — shade, acidic soil and adequate moisture. Yet, many people think of it as invasive and put great effort into keeping it under control. Fortunately, more […]

Urban Farms Cropping Up Everywhere

Urban farms are ¼ acre tracts, sometimes less, but places where food is grown locally, where people and vegetables thrive. Longfellow Creek Garden in West Seattle is one example. A quarter acre plot reclaimed for food production a decade ago, it fell into disuse and is now being revived. Along with a handful of committed […]

“Call of the Honeybees”

They conveniently appear in our language when we need an idiomatic phrase like the bees knees, busy as a bee, a bee in your bonnet, sting like a bee, the birds and the bees . . . On the other hand, we’re obsessed with their ability to sting, and our caring about their survival has been tempered with this edginess we have about their presence among us.

Plot to Plate: Salad Greens Come of Age

They grow up so fast and then we eat them, radishes and *mesclun. Seeds planted mid-March will be on the plate soon, and like a doting parent I’ve taken numerous photographs of their development along the way. I’m proud of what they’ve accomplished so far. Neighborhood bullies have threatened, but they’re robust now, and squirrels […]

A Ramble Through Plum Forest Farm

A grove of plum trees bordering the northern edge of the property inspired the naming of Plum Forest Farm on Vashon Island, owned and operated by Rob Peterson and Joanne Jewell. Vashon Island, isolated and yet near massive mainland urbanization, is amazingly pastoral. Depart from the ferry and it is felt immediately. To drive the […]

Rhubarb’s Back

  . . . feisty and sour as ever, but add a little sugar and it’s transformed. Some of us are like that. This is our early spring vegetable that thinks it’s a fruit. We treat it as if it were fruit, like sour cherries, and make delicious desserts with it. Just a few weeks […]

Sustainability, Worth the Effort: A Local Food Initiative

Stepping lightly and living locally, especially in regard to food, informs our point of view at Mixed Greens. So, we’re interested in Seattle City Council President Richard Conlin’s Local Food Action Initiative and we’d like to pass it on. If initiatives and the city council seem a little too much to think about on a […]

Go Green, Dark Greens

Nettles yesterday, chard and kale today, I need to dash to the freezer and neutralize the situation with a little ice cream. Kale and chard stand robustly in the backyard having survived a cold winter turned to frigid spring. They may be on the ebb, but are still delicious. Next winter’s crop will be planted […]