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Spring’s Honey Do Cocktail

Spring is officially here and the activity level is really amping up around our garden. The bees aren’t the only ones who are in a semi-crazed state jumping from one corner of the garden to another in hopes of making a dent in a continually updated list of priorities. Not that I’m making a list […]

Compassionate Bees Emulate Nation’s Angst

Queen Cells in the Hives, Oh No. This recent blog posting at Sunset’s one-block diet site is about bees, but on national Election Day I’m reading between the lines. Check it out. Dontcha think this dissatisfied hive of bees sounds familiar? Anyway, I find the Sunset posting apropos. It reminds me that healthy beehives and […]

“Call of the Honeybees”

Flowers, pollination, nectar, devotion to a queen, their utter busyness and single mindedness, the efficiency of their operation; a piece of warm toast slathered with melting butter and sweet honey. Sweet honey. We love most things about honeybees, especially the honey part. We write poems about them. They conveniently appear in our language when we […]

Unplug Electronics & Plug in the Tea Kettle

Unplug energy-wasting electronics, and then make a cup of tea. A lot of technology and often too little of nature characterize our lives these days. Unplugging techy accessories is for the environment, the Honey Mint tea is for unplugging ourselves, a yin and yang kind of thing. First, the electronics. Environmentally speaking, this information, if […]

“Call of the Honeybees”

They conveniently appear in our language when we need an idiomatic phrase like the bees knees, busy as a bee, a bee in your bonnet, sting like a bee, the birds and the bees . . . On the other hand, we’re obsessed with their ability to sting, and our caring about their survival has been tempered with this edginess we have about their presence among us.