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Spring DIY Project: Goat Cheese

I never knew I could make a round of soft cheese so easily until I checked out Homemade — the Ultimate DIY Cookbook by Yvette Van Boven — a book so loaded with inspiration for simple projects that I barely knew where to begin. Last year I made ricotta cheese in this post.  This process […]

Sweet on Ricotta

Spring is a season of heightened sensory experience. Delicate fragrances, sounds that bring back memories, colors I forgot even existed and of course, fresh tastes found only at this time of year. You can make ricotta anytime but its light subtlety reminds me of a quintessential spring food. Ricotta is like my perfect pillow — […]

Makin’ Gnudi

Now that I know how to make fresh homemade ricotta, I’ve been searching for exciting ways to use it. I came across a recipe I had cut out of the Pacific Northwest Magazine in March for gnudi and thought I’d give it a try. I’d never heard of gnudi but read that it is “naked” […]

Gotta Make Ricotta

I haven’t thought much about ricotta cheese since my memories of it are bland and not that interesting. It wasn’t until I read an article in the New York Times last week that I saw the whole picture. Ricotta provides the yin to whatever spicy or sweet yang flavor you want to pair with it. […]