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Resolutionary Thoughts: Snacks Unwrapped & Plastic

I’m reading the paper the other morning, oblivious to the impending New Year, when from across the room Bob asked if I had resolutions for 2010. Not yet, was my absent-minded reply. But then the brain started buzzing, independent of what I thought I wanted it to do, and it began to muse about the […]

Designated Local Nut, Hazelnut

We passed by harvested hazelnut orchards in the Willamette Valley a few weeks ago. I scooped up a handful off the ground and brought them home to admire their gnarly kernels. I read the other day that 97% of the world’s hazelnuts are grown in Turkey, Spain and Italy, so it’s a bonus that we […]

Reaching Across the Aisle for Red Peppers

If I had been thinking clearly I might have planned a “blue dish” for our election party like the one my friend Sharon told me about. You know — blue tortilla chips, blueberries, blue potatoes, etc. But since I only had one thing on my mind and it clearly wasn’t the color of food, I […]