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Spreading Fava Love

Fava love may not equal our devotion to tomatoes or strawberries, but they’re in the running, for their flavor and remarkable bright green stature, and even for the intent required to prepare them. This is slow food. Prepare to be nurtured – it will take time, more than we’ve become accustomed to. Shelling and peeling […]

Fava Gala

Planted last November, I’ve had my eye on this fava crop for a while now. I’ve watched them grow and hold steady through a frigid winter, produce lovely blossoms in April which were stormed by grateful bees, and now these bold velvety beans. Fava BeansĀ  are a lush mass in the corner of the garden, […]

Coming Back to Fava Beans

While I was on Orcas Island over the weekend, my sister-in-law fixed some delicious fava beans, so tiny and fresh, there was no need for skinning. She prepared them very simply — steamed along with snow peas and green beans, topped with butter. She went out just before dinner to pick them from the garden […]

A Fava Bean Dream

When I arrived at the University Farmers Market Saturday, I saw a truncated version of our beloved market squashed to the edge of the parking lot where the vendors usually set up. It was hard not to be irritated by this intrusion caused by the University Street Fair. Many of the regulars were scowling and […]