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Growing Our Food: Whistling Train Farm

One reason that shopping at the Farmers Market is so satisfying, aside from the amazing variety of food available, is the familiarity that develops among farmers, vendors, and customers. Friends and acquaintances inevitably and unexpectedly appear. There‚Äôs time given for catching up, poking around, comparing notes. We might not recognize it as the exotic ambiance […]

The Organic Valley Story

Organic Valley, their label, logo and array of dairy products have become familiar. We see them in the dairy section of mainstream grocery stores everywhere now, but their business concept is anything but mainstream. Recognized as a model to aspire to in the sustainability movement, Organic Valley is a unique cooperative venture that is worth […]

A New Family Farmer

A New Family Farmer is a video produced by Cooking Up a Story, a site devoted in part to telling stories about real people and their connections to food and sustainability. It’s an excellent resource and this short video is well worth viewing.