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Reclaiming Agricultural Roots

_r=1&th=&emc=th&pagewanted=all “It’s as if we have lost track of the fact that food is linked to agriculture, which is linked to human survival.” … There are several organizations to be aware of regarding the politics of agriculture these days if you’re interested So, I visited my Farmers Market this weekend with these things on my mind, thinking about the naivete which surrounds our habits of food here in relation to the rest of the world.

Animated Cardoons Tickle the Palate

Verdant blankets of green are a neon eyeful at the moment, and cardoons are part of the garden’s spring fling. I should wear a party dress in the backyard to show my respect. Cardoons have a gawky elegance in contrast to the gnarly fence behind and the exuberant young clematis above – they’re edible and […]

A Ramble Through Plum Forest Farm

A grove of plum trees bordering the northern edge of the property inspired the naming of Plum Forest Farm on Vashon Island, owned and operated by Rob Peterson and Joanne Jewell. Vashon Island, isolated and yet near massive mainland urbanization, is amazingly pastoral. Depart from the ferry and it is felt immediately. To drive the […]

Another Kind of Local

Niece Flora is living in Thailand this year and in a recent email she reflected on ‘living local’ in her village there. Not exactly a political act, local is the necessity of everyday rural life in southeast Asia, and finding food from any distance at all is unlikely. An interesting perspective for us who are […]

Winter at the Farmers Market

This time of year we have a few great options for shopping local and organic. On Saturdays, year-round, the University Farmers Market is open from 9-2. The Ballard Sunday Market is open Sundays 11-3 and the West Seattle Farmers Market is also Sundays 11-2 (rumor has it that West Seattle will NOT be closing at […]