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Luscious Farmers’ Market Moments

Waiting in line at a favorite vendor, my good friend Poppy met one of her now dearest friends at the University Farmer’s Market a few years ago. And this morning I saw a lady at the market laden with fresh produce. Observing her beautiful bounty and satisfied smile, another customer said, ‘I’ll have whatever she’s […]

Get Thee to the Farmers Market

Four years and nearly 600 posts later, Mixed Greens blog is still going strong. Sally and I continue to encourage everyone to eat locally and live sustainably. My commitment to the local food movement began with a weekly trip to the farmers market.  Every Saturday morning, now year-round, Charlie and I do much of our […]

A Bull Market

We have a fever for farmers markets like Christopher Walken had for more cowbell on SNL. We’re bullish about them. Collectively, the Neighborhood Farmers Market Alliance – University District, West Seattle, Madrona, Broadway, Columbia City, Lake City and Phinney- and the Seattle Farmers Market Association – Fremont, Wallingford, Ballard and Madrona – have eleven markets […]

01/02/09, Squash Soup on the Supper Table

Resolve to make this soup with the squash that have been hanging out in the kitchen for weeks now.  A plus side to squash is that they keep forever without much fuss. They can also be forgotten – beautiful to look at it’s true, but they’re also tasty and it’s nice to actually eat them. […]

In the Garden: Season’s Gleanings

December vegetable gardens are impressive. Though our backyard plot is small we have rainbow chard, rutabaga, kale, broccoli, purple cauliflower, romaine and if we wanted to we could embellish a salad with an edible nasturtium. Seriously. We have nasturtiums growing and blooming voraciously in the front yard which is a little scary. It can’t last […]

Eating Outside of the Box: CSA’s

Sometimes I get into a rut when it comes to shopping for food. I seem to go into autopilot and buy the same items week after week. A good way to jump-start your creative cooking juices is to join a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program. Every (or every other) week you receive a box of […]

Growing Our Food: Stoney Plains Organic Farm

Stoney Plains Organic Farm is another vendor who’s become a familiar part of the Pacific Northwest Farmer’s Market scene. One of the reliable, upbeat purveyors of local organic food, they bring their seasonal array to our neighborhood markets, including Seattle’s Pike Place Market. Patrick Meyer is the amiable farmer who makes it even more worthwhile. […]

Growing Our Food: Billy’s Organic Produce

Shopping at Farmers Markets pretty regularly for several years now, I feel this camaraderie with the farmers that I admit is a bit of a stretch since we don’t actually know each other. I like to think that we have a symbiotic and friendly relationship anyway. I want to high-five, say thanks. And Billy’s organic […]

Growing Our Food: Whistling Train Farm

One reason that shopping at the Farmers Market is so satisfying, aside from the amazing variety of food available, is the familiarity that develops among farmers, vendors, and customers. Friends and acquaintances inevitably and unexpectedly appear. There’s time given for catching up, poking around, comparing notes. We might not recognize it as the exotic ambiance […]

On the Local/Seasonal Table: Spinach

In her book “Animal, Vegetable, Minerall” http://www.amazon.com/Animal-Vegetable-Mineral-Year-Food/dp/B000OJKVL0 Barbara Kingsolver says that if each family in the United States make just one local meal each week, we would reduce our annual oil consumption by barrels. … I feel chagrined that I forgot about this little detail while consuming whatever/whenever these past years, and that my choices are reflected in our nation’s gluttony of fuel use, much of it for agricultural needs, i.e. to put food from faraway on our plates.