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Local on Orcas Island

The Orcas Island Farmers Market is all about local — food grown locally and the people who live and work there. The “locals,” as they are known, think of many creative ways to bring in extra income in an environment that is even more expensive than the Seattle area. Pristine beauty comes with a price […]

Coming Back to Fava Beans

While I was on Orcas Island over the weekend, my sister-in-law fixed some delicious fava beans, so tiny and fresh, there was no need for skinning. She prepared them very simply — steamed along with snow peas and green beans, topped with butter. She went out just before dinner to pick them from the garden […]

Eat Local on the Road: NC

Shortly after we arrived in North Carolina Friday evening, we experienced a southern style thunder-and-lightning storm. There were lightning fireworks and torrential rain on our drive to my sister’s home followed by thunder that seemed to shake the house. I remember these afternoon storms from my childhood but I’m told that lately they have mostly […]

Straight-from-the-Garden Pasta Sauce

If you’re serious about eating from garden plot to plate, this is the dish for you. You can literally make this sauce while sitting at your picnic table, going inside only to cook the pasta. It’s that easy and brings out all the summery flavors of tomato, basil and garlic in a way that cooked […]

Duck Duck Yuck

I wanted to love duck eggs. Really. I had seen Jamie Oliver using them on my favorite (and only) cooking show, Jamie at Home. He makes everything look healthy and delicious. (The fact that he is so adorable doesn’t hurt). He was dipping asparagus into a soft-boiled duck egg surrounded by his huge kitchen garden. […]

Billy’s Got Berries

Saturday morning at the University Farmers Market the buzz was, ” Billy has strawberries”. It is hard to believe that anyone in our region has weather warm enough for strawberries but there they were at Billy’s — the beautiful, plump, sweet berries I’ve been waiting for. One more indication that summer is happening this year, […]

A Fava Bean Dream

When I arrived at the University Farmers Market Saturday, I saw a truncated version of our beloved market squashed to the edge of the parking lot where the vendors usually set up. It was hard not to be irritated by this intrusion caused by the University Street Fair. Many of the regulars were scowling and […]

On the Local Table: Lettuce Wraps

We often have a Friday evening gathering of family and friends. Usually it is spontaneous and I’ll pull out whatever we have in the fridge and put together a couple of plates of appetizers. I’m always trying to think of new ways to use the same ingredients without having to plan ahead or work too […]

Asparagus: First of the Season

Early spring asparagus is one of the most eagerly awaited vegetables in our house. It finally made its debut last weekend at the University Farmers Market. The flavor of freshly harvested asparagus says spring in the Northwest even when the weather doesn’t cooperate. There are many ways to cook asparagus so we may have several […]

Putting it All Together: Savory Bread Pudding

It feels like spring at the University Farmers Market. Energy is picking up, there are more vendors and more buyers. This was the last week for Preston Hill Bakery at our market. They make wonderful artisan breads using mostly local flour. I couldn’t resist buying some extra ciabatta knowing that they are moving on to […]