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Tabula Pizza

Does anyone else wake up in the middle of the night and start thinking about very strange things? When that happens to me, I’m sometimes convinced I’ve had a brilliant breakthrough. My latest brainstorm, coincidentally the night of the last big windstorm, had to do with pizza. More specifically, thinking of pizza dough as a […]

The Leeks Have Sprung

Last Saturday, at least three vendors at the University Farmers Market had leeks. Nash’s Organic Produce had big papa leeks, Full Circle Farm had mama leeks and Willie Green’s had wee little baby leeks. I bought some of each intending to try some of the braising recipes in Molly Steven’s book, All About Braising: The […]

Hard Core at the Farmers Market

This is when eating local gets interesting, or shall I say challenging? Up until now, I’ve been spoiled with all that has been available at the University Farmers Market. After a few weeks of freezing temperatures and heavy snow, it is amazing to find any vendors still at the market. On Saturday, this is what […]

Consume More Legumes

First I put some olive oil in the hot skillet, turn the heat down and saute several cloves of garlic and any herbs and veggies you may want to use for flavoring…. Remember you aren’t going to be cooking the daylights out of these since they aren’t completely dried so carrots, onions and celery can all maintain their integrity when added now.

Feel the Heat: Roasted Chilis + Debate

I don’t know about you but I feel like I’m getting better at watching the debates. The first one made me so anxious I could barely sit still, much less eat while watching. The second one was like expecting to see a train wreck but not being able to look away. By the third one, […]

Pumpkins, Squashes & Gourds, Oh My

I have tagged half of this book with recipes I’d like to try, so be prepared to hear more about it if you haven’t already…. Kabocha Squash and Fennel Soup 1/2 medium kabocha squash 1 medium fennel bulb 2 T olive oil 2 t fennel seeds 3 T butter 1 cup sliced onions (I used a couple of shallots too) 1 T thyme leaves 2 chiles de arbol 1 bay leaf 1/3 cup sherry ( I didn’t have any on hand so I used Lillet instead) 4 cups chicken stock Preheat the oven to 400 Cut squash in half lengthwise and remove the seeds.

Support Seattle Youth Garden Works

For some it is their first job, for others having a place to go at a designated time creates a sense of stability that may not be present otherwise in their lives…. (BTW, a great tip from Colin — the Center for Urban Horticulture has a wonderful and under-used library filled with all the best gardening magazines and books, available for check-out to the public as well as a knowledgeable staff available to answer your gardening questions).

On the Local Table: Fried Green Tomatoes

Let’s face it. Some of these green beauties will never ripen. Don’t despair because I’ve got a wonderful way to use them, even ones that are partially ripe. Leave it to the Italians to come up with the perfect pairing of fried green tomatoes with goat cheese on a bed of baby lettuces and fennel […]

Sustaining Succotash

The succotash I grew up with — frozen lima beans and corn — hardly did justice to the ancient origins of this combination. Originally, it was a Native American dish using two of the oldest and most important foods in our culture, corn and beans. Succotash doesn’t seem to be well known in the Pacific […]

Have a Pizza Party

All of Adrian’s juggling practice came in handy when it was time to make pizza. I mixed up a batch of dough ahead of time, then cut it into quarters so each person could make their own. The Farmers Market provided the toppings — italian sausage from Skagit River Ranch, caramelized red torpedo onions and […]