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Just Garlic

Three heads of last year’s garlic crop left. The final three. Recent harvests have dwindled due to an as yet unnamed rot, so we’ve decided to give the soil a break and not grow garlic for a while. Thanks to Bob’s attention to it all we rotate the garlic crop annually as recommended, but something’s […]

One or Two More Things About Tomatoes

And then that’s enough about tomatoes for this year . . . maybe.  They’re abundant at the moment so I made Gazpacho and dried some. Returned home from vacation a couple of days ago to find tomato plants, finally, laden with ripened tomatoes. They’re late and not as sweet as when they ripen earlier, but […]

Go Green Again This Winter

Dark green veggies are in the wings awaiting winter performances. I feel like I should whisper it, winter. We don’t want to think about it in August, but it’s time to get hardy greens going. A soothsayer would come in handy, someone to proclaim the most auspicious day for getting the little starts into the […]

Back in Style: Victory Gardens

” It is not expected or intended that we, as backyard gardeners, can or will produce enough to take care of all our individual needs. But every bit that we do will help. A garden, however small, can be made to produce quality products which few markets can supply. Our transportation systems–the railroads, airfreight carriers, […]