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Stuff Your Sweet Peppers

I’m not inclined to make dinner with whatever’s in the fridge, though I pretend to when I know there’s something delicious lurking there, a portobello mushroom, a leek, or a fancy chunk of cheese. It’s not that I don’t get creative with ingredients, it’s that I favor certain flavors. It’s called being in a rut. […]

Rutabaga Groove

You gotta love a food that sounds like a dance, a raunchy one at that. Actually, rutabagas are pretty tame, like a potato, and they have a culinary vocabulary in common: gratins, purees and soup. Rutabagas are in season, a reason to celebrate for those who eagerly await their return each fall. We’re growing them […]

Roasted Garlic Soup + Chantrelles

When I was a young mother, I was always amazed at how easily I became connected with a community of other parents with children. No matter where we were, if there were other kids there, I felt connected, even if it were only by a smile of recognition. Now I’m finding food can provide the […]

Fresh Shellfish and Yoga

And the connection is?? Orcas Island, of course. A perfect place to spend a quintessential fall weekend partaking in all the local specialties. We heard that Buck Bay Shellfish Farm was open for business and decided to take an excursion to one of my favorite parts of the island — Olga. Just around the bend […]

A Green Recession?

Can our bad economy have a silver lining? One way to look at it is that we may end up with a cleaner environment and a healthier population despite ourselves. The recent spike in the price of gas reportedly had an effect on our driving habits. Many people have considered and are using alternatives to […]

On the Local Table: Pears in Season

Many of our pears were ripe and on the ground when we returned home from vacation last week, but salvageable. Time for chutney, pear salad, poached pears, or simply sliced with a piece of cheddar. Unlike other fruits some pears diminish in quality when ripened on the tree – better to pick them just before […]

Classic Courgette Carbonara

I just love how Jamie Oliver calls summer squashes ” courgettes”. It makes me feel like I’m using an exotic vegetable in this traditional dish. I’m always inspired by his TV show when he goes out to his beautiful kitchen garden, picks whatever is fresh and puts together the most amazing looking dishes. Summer squash […]

Sustaining Succotash

The succotash I grew up with — frozen lima beans and corn — hardly did justice to the ancient origins of this combination. Originally, it was a Native American dish using two of the oldest and most important foods in our culture, corn and beans. Succotash doesn’t seem to be well known in the Pacific […]

Tomato Sauce for Winter

Surely among the top ten slow foods is tomato sauce. The reward for preserving them in late summer will be the essence of luscious vine-ripened garden tomatoes mid-winter in a soup or marinara sauce, with an onion and sausage frittata or mushroom polenta. I’m a fool for tomatoes and should make myself a tomato cape, […]

Go Green Again This Winter

Dark green veggies are in the wings awaiting winter performances. I feel like I should whisper it, winter. We don’t want to think about it in August, but it’s time to get hardy greens going. A soothsayer would come in handy, someone to proclaim the most auspicious day for getting the little starts into the […]