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Get Thee to the Farmers Market

Four years and nearly 600 posts later, Mixed Greens blog is still going strong. Sally and I continue to encourage everyone to eat locally and live sustainably. My commitment to the local food movement began with a weekly trip to the farmers market.  Every Saturday morning, now year-round, Charlie and I do much of our […]

Mixed Greens Trends for 2012

Before looking into our Mixed Greens crystal ball at the food trends for the coming year, it’s interesting to look back and see if things really moved in the direction we thought they might. I don’t mean to brag but we seem to be riding the wave as eating locally continues to be mentioned on […]

Lay off those Potato Chips

I read an article in the NY Times last week about large companies using the local foods movement as a marketing angle to sell more processed food. If you go to the website for Lay’s potato chips you’ll see ” Lay’s proudly supports American potato farmers.” They have a “chip tracker” so you can find […]

In the Mood for Slow Food

Slow Food USA, an organization devoted to the practice of using local whole foods in preparing meals, originated in Italy, not surprising, and has inspired an international slow food movement. Sixty bucks a year gets you into their inside track, in touch with a local chapter, and, importantly, informs subscribers about and supports local food […]

01/02/09, Squash Soup on the Supper Table

Resolve to make this soup with the squash that have been hanging out in the kitchen for weeks now.  A plus side to squash is that they keep forever without much fuss. They can also be forgotten – beautiful to look at it’s true, but they’re also tasty and it’s nice to actually eat them. […]

MixedGreens Predictions for 2009

At this time of year I love to read about predictions and trends. It all started when I had a clothing company and was obsessed with color. Not that I consider myself trendy but there is something exciting about seeing how close I’ve come to predicting where we are headed. This year, I’ll have to […]

Hard Core at the Farmers Market

This is when eating local gets interesting, or shall I say challenging? Up until now, I’ve been spoiled with all that has been available at the University Farmers Market. After a few weeks of freezing temperatures and heavy snow, it is amazing to find any vendors still at the market. On Saturday, this is what […]

A Secretary of Food?

Among other things, MixedGreens blog is focused on food preparation. You’ve probably noticed. Cooking meals, simply that, is a huge contribution to living green – fewer fast and processed foods are required, and whole foods from local sources provide fresh ingredients that characterize and support a particular locale. Some people hate to cook and maybe […]

From the Garden, Chips & Dip

Just when you think you know your chips – the potato, taro, tortilla, corn, Doritos – along comes a cockeyed story from a cousin about making chips from kale. Skeptical from the start, I made some and they’re a melt in your mouth green sensation. Light crispy morsels of kale, definitely kale. It’s a revelation […]

Get To Know Risotto

Superb with squash, mushrooms, marinara, kale, chicken, almost any cheese, but a certain mystique surrounds the making of risotto. It’s misrepresented, I think, as being fussy and time-consuming. I would argue that it’s fairly simple, but does require the cook’s attention for 30 minutes or so. OK, maybe that is a bit fussy. Other supper […]