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Perfectly Hard-Boiled

Until you’ve eaten a couple of hard-boiled eggs tough enough to bounce off the pavement and tinged with grayish green, you might think that boiling an egg is no big deal. There seem to be a variety of approaches to the perfectly hard-boiled egg, one that isn’t overdone and has none of that greenish aura […]

A Good Egg

Nothing quite speaks of spring in the same way as an egg. A creation waiting to emerge, life resting dormant until the perfect moment. Easter eggs, golden eggs, a nest of tiny bird eggs — they’re all miraculous, especially from a child’s point of view. Fix me an egg for breakfast and I’m immediately transported […]

On the Local Table: A Mostly Local Egg Salad

If we’d had some prescient idea about how much we’d love it, we might have invented eggs just for the egg salad. It’s difficult to crack and peel vibrantly dyed Easter eggs, but eventually we do, and we make egg salad. First of all the ‘perfectly boiled egg’ – its yolk will be bright yellow […]