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Happy 5th Birthday, Mixed Greens Blog

It’s been five years since Sally and I put up our first post on Mixed Greens and I’m happy to say, we’re still going strong. Stronger than ever actually, with January as our biggest month yet for visitors. And yes, that’s satisfying but what’s even better has been getting to work with my dear friend […]

chocolate pudding

Chocolate Pudding, Not Kidding

Valentine’s Day next week, and a  few days ago we toasted our Mixed Greens’ two-year anniversary (thankyou dear readers). In celebration – okay, Super Bowl too – chocolate pudding. Like retro sleek-winged sofas and my mom’s Russell Wright dishes of the fifties, chocolate pudding deserves a comeback and some respect. Plus, it was among our […]

A Local Meal: Let the Hum Begin

A lively chicken and cabbage salad will get your body buzzing, in a good way. But to be fair, this piece is really about dessert cleverly disguised as salad. After a supper of salad a person feels so healthy and smug. For me this momentary self-righteousness invariably leads to dessert, but I know myself and […]

Chocolate Pudding for your Puddin’ Pie

                          Easily made – in about 15 minutes – with egg yolks, whole milk, cornstarch, a little butter, vanilla, oh, and some chocolate. Not instant pudding, but definitely retro and better than what I remember from elementary school cafeteria lunches, though I thought […]