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Cinderella Story, Celeriac Salad & Shrimp

Or maybe it’s The Ugly Duckling story. What’s beneath Celeriac’s gnarly surface is a beautiful thing. Dress it up and take it out for dinner. If you wear a beret and call it *Céleri Rémoulade it’s French. I’ve purchased this salad in a to-go box at Pasta & Co, loved it, and  thought I’d try […]

Celery Root: It’s a Keeper

This is such a “Beauty and the Beast” story. Celery root, aka celeriac, has such a misleading appearance. Why would anyone want to eat a root vegetable that has been referred to as a “vegetable octopus” or “rastifarian turnip”? Because, under that gnarly, hairy, wrinkled exterior, lies a delicious, creamy root. If that isn’t enough […]