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Broccoli’s Wild Cousin — Raab

Call it what you will — raab, rabe, rapine, rapini, Italian or Chinese broccoli. It’s all the same thing — a rapidly growing annual, a distant cousin of broccoli but more closely related to turnips. All are members of the brassica family. This is your typical wild cousin — a little nutty, sometimes pungent and […]

Kale Catches Cold but Survives (& Obama notes Michael Pollan’s food wisdom)

Small miracles to be grateful for. Kale survival and Michael Pollan might seem slightly incongruous – maybe they are, but I think there’s a connection. Anticipating last week’s cold snap, we covered some of our lettuce with wool blankets and harvested the rest, then left the brassicas, broccoli and kale, to the cold which, it […]

In the Garden: Season’s Gleanings

December vegetable gardens are impressive. Though our backyard plot is small we have rainbow chard, rutabaga, kale, broccoli, purple cauliflower, romaine and if we wanted to we could embellish a salad with an edible nasturtium. Seriously. We have nasturtiums growing and blooming voraciously in the front yard which is a little scary. It can’t last […]

Cabbage & Cauliflower – Country Cousins

Cabbage and cauliflower, not the most elegant and refined vegetables, but reliable members of the Brassica clan. If you are eating seasonally, this is a great time of year to renew your relationship with these nutrient-packed, often overlooked veggies. Don’t dismiss or judge them because of their bad reputation for stinking up the house while […]