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From the Garden, Chips & Dip

Just when you think you know your chips – the potato, taro, tortilla, corn, Doritos – along comes a cockeyed story from a cousin about making chips from kale. Skeptical from the start, I made some and they’re a melt in your mouth green sensation. Light crispy morsels of kale, definitely kale. It’s a revelation […]

Go Green Again This Winter

Dark green veggies are in the wings awaiting winter performances. I feel like I should whisper it, winter. We don’t want to think about it in August, but it’s time to get hardy greens going. A soothsayer would come in handy, someone to proclaim the most auspicious day for getting the little starts into the […]

Getting Down to the Brassicas

I don’t know why it took me so long to find out about eating the flowers and stems of various brassicas, but they are a delicious way to pass the time until asparagus becomes available. I have heard of and enjoyed broccoli rabe but there is a whole world out there in this enormous genus […]