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Baked Blueberry & Apple Pudding

Three blueberry bushes in the front yard are dripping with fruit. With cream or Greek yogurt, blueberries are the perfect summer dessert. Fresh, fast, delish. Jackpot. Or, make something gooey, which is another kind of healthy. The Brits love a good pudding, meaning any dessert, so this recipe is a nod of respect to their […]

Blueberry Heist

Maybe it wasn’t fair to tell my husband over the phone the other day that we’d been robbed. I was kidding around, sort of, but through cellular cyberspace I could feel his heart stop. Birds, I said, our blueberries. I felt his relief and then his chagrin, oh damn, the blueberries! We knew we were […]

The Real Blue Angels . . . Blueberries

Blueberries, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, or give us the vigor to do so. Superfood? Though blueberry’s uber-healthy status is common knowledge, superfood designations in general are presently under scrutiny. Whatever their official status at the moment, it’s one of the sweet things in life that something so delicious is so […]

Whip Up Blueberry Hotcakes (& Nix the Mix)

Indigenous to North America, blueberries are ripe and their compatibility with hotcakes is much appreciated. It’s time to flip a blueberry hotcake or two. Or twenty. Pancakes, hotcakes, flapjacks, a short stack . . whichever terminology you prefer, from scratch with fresh local blueberries they require little more effort than a boxed mix and are […]