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Raw Apple Cake for Breakfast or Birthdays

Raw Apple Cake for breakfasts or birthdays, enough for a dozen mornings or a dozen party guests.

Apples of My Eye

Apple pie, apple crisp, sautéed apples, raw apple cake, roasted applesauce, apple butter. The true apples of my eye are my peeps, all of us gathered snugly around the dinner table, which is way too small at times. In October apples are right there with us. Apples two ways in my mind, eaten fresh and […]

Hats off to Johnny: A PNW Waldorf Salad

Johnny the vagabond meets the highfalutin Waldorf and together they make sweet music in a fine PNW salad. * The romanticized Johnny Appleseed, Johnny Chapman, was a real appleseed-totin’-plantin’-canoe-travelin’ eccentric with a passion for apples. At first he was as wild as the seeds he carried, wrote Michael Pollan in Botany of Desire (published 2001).  […]