Mixed Greens Blog

Mixed Greens Blog
Living Sustainably in the Pacific Northwest

Recipe for MixedGreens

Here is our version of MixedGreens. Start with the freshest, local ingredients. The variations are endless. We hope it will feed you as it does us.

Toss together large handfuls of

Poppy, photographer, colorist, designer and a lover of all things handmade and

Sally, a truly local variety, a rich source of words and stories, cooking skills, ability to bring it all together and a deep source of nourishment to all.

They make a delicious pairing by experimenting with different combinations of their skills, flourishing in a creative environment, both being learners and teachers with their own unique vision.

Stir in Bob, at home in the garden and deeply connected to our planet.

Add a splash of Charlie, master mixologist to lighten things up.

Mix in Chris, behind-the-scenes tech wizard.

Garnish with Krista, resident activist and environmentalist.

Add a dash of Karri, net-working maven, lover of dogs and healthy living.

And finally, top with a sprinkling of Lily, our muse and a constant source of inspiration.

Fill a large container and toss all ingredients together. Dress with comments and local spice and serve right away.

That’s it. MixedGreens. Give it a try and let us know what you think.