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We’ve received several inquiries about how to make a comment on MixedGreens blog. No need to log in or register, just find the comment link at the bottom of each post, click and a reply box appears. Proceed from there. We welcome your input.
We received this comment from sister Annie who lives in northeastern Ontario. Not just her ‘congratulations’, but her perspective on what people everywhere are now attempting is inspiring. Thanks Annie.

Congratulations on these beautiful beginnings. Unfortunately, even brussels sprouts won’t grow here for the winter . . . looks like a great recipe though. A local winter diet for us is limited to stored root vegetables (something we eat more and more of) and a couple things grown in a hothouse . . . . which have their own issues for sustainability. Oil is an issue, sugar is an issue, all fresh greens are an issue. And life without coffee or chocolate???? Yes, we buy fair trade. Honestly, I feel culpable in environmental degradation in nearly everything I do, when I think about it. Even California is a long, long haul from here! I’m having to make the mini step of choosing Florida grown over California.

Anyway . . . Bertholdt Brecht once wrote that we should have . . . “Pessimism of the intellect, Optimism of the will.” We have, at least, to attempt to live by ideals, right? And your blog is a great contribution. I love seeing your beautiful photographs published too! Good work. It looks at once professional and very friendly.

p.b., s.s.