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A garden full of tomatoes again this summer, a dozen varieties, so I’m doing my August/September thing, drying cherry tomatoes by the dozens and roasting the bigger ones for sauce (including some of the greenish ones). Along the way I eat more than my fair share of them raw, and they’re an ingredient in nearly […]

Mark Your Calendar: Eat Local Now! Dinner

On Tuesday April 29, Sustainable Ballard, BALLE Seattle and Ballard High School Earth Service Corps are hosting Eat Local Now! in “support of local food, and gives neighbors the opportunity to share in community with those who feed them”. This promises to be a great chance to sample lots of local food, learn how flooding […]

More About Me: Poppy

Today is my 57th birthday. There, I said it. I recently heard that Jamie Lee Curtis posed “nude” for the AARP magazine in honor of her 50th birthday. I’m not going to subject you to that and as it turns out, she was merely strapless (the new nude for seniors?). In the spirit of full […]

More about figuring out ‘local’

A little more about defining what’s local, what’s local enough (2/11 posting) . . . These are excerpts from This Organic Life by Joan Dye Gussow (Chelsea Green Publishing, 2001) discussing her point of view about eating locally/sustainably:             In much of the continental United States, of course, and certainly in regions where the ground […]