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Say Cheese

Crumbly and creamy textured, veined, sheathed in a grape leaf, soft and gooey, cheeses so appealing I had to sit them down and take their picture. Charisma and character, they have it.  It makes sense considering how carefully cheese can be coddled and nudged toward artisinal perfection. As chocolate and a fine glass of wine […]

Annie’s Birthday Dinner: A Mediterranean Chowder

Not fussy, but worthy, an abundant Mediterranean-style seafood chowder for my sister Annie’s birthday dinner on the first day of spring – also the birthday of my paternal grandmother, who lived to be 100 and who’s life was so blessedly intertwined with ours. A meal with family, including our brother and mother plus a few […]

Beet Poetry . . . Borscht

Late autumn, cusp of winter, cabbage, potatoes, onions and beets reign. Borscht is in the air. That and jingle bells. When I think about the chunk of my life spent hating borscht, no, hating the idea of borscht. Thankfully, I’d been converted by the time I attended an all beet dinner party last year. Every […]

A Bowl of Vegetable Broth

At the heart of every good soup is a delicious broth.  Gravy, risotto and many of our favorite holiday dishes depend on it. You can buy a decent carton package of broth off the shelf, and believe me, I’ve bought plenty. You can also make your own and use bones, roots and other vegetables that […]

Ghoulishly Good Food

Some people get excited about decorating for holidays. I, on the other hand, am more interested in the food that’s associated with the season. Halloween can be a tough one if you aren’t into sweets and candy — unless you’re a fan of black food, which I happen to be. I’d eat black lentils over […]

Earthy Romance, Wild Mushrooms & Farro

Mushrooms in the wild can be an exquisite find. Part of the appeal is the lushness of their immediate surroundings, the delicate moss, decaying leaves, spent pine needles, towering trees, and the quiet. If a soup composed of edible wild mushrooms, farro and a few herbs could be the culinary complement of that scene . […]

Hello Fall: Fresh Shell Beans

As the days shorten, my cravings for warm, comforting foods have begun, right on cue. Just a few weeks ago, a big salad was perfectly satisfying, but now I’m starting to think more and more about cooking a big pot of something warm to eat throughout the week. I can’t lie. I haven’t exactly been […]

Jerry’s Golden Stock

I’ve been cooking for a long time and until now had never made a bona fide vegetable stock. Yikes. I make chicken stock and use dried mushroom stock or plain water as a base for many dishes, but never a vegetable stock. I once experienced store bought stock that looked murky and terrible and I […]

Winter’s Favor, Curried Root Soup

A few winters ago we regularly potlucked and played poker with a group of friends. We drank beer, savored an array of delicacies, and then gambled our little hearts out. If you got lucky you might have left with $17 or so in small change in your pocket. I made this soup over and over […]

Leftover Bread Gets a Makeover

Late winter is hard on all of us but there’s nothing sadder than a heel of bread. What just a couple of days ago was fresh, golden and springy has become dull and stiff, decidedly less appealing. Even worse, you may come across the forgotten remains of a loaf buried deep within your freezer. Don’t […]