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Julia’s French Onion Soup With a PNW Accent

We love Julia Child because she relishes making hoity-toity French food, but brings it down to earth. Pun intended. When she drops a chicken on the floor or licks her fingers we know she’s one of us. I’ve made her French onion soup for years and while she’s specific about process, ingredients are straightforward. As […]

Turkey Soup Anytime

If you saved the turkey bones from Thanksgiving, you have everything you need to make a fabulous turkey soup. But those of us who were a guests at the table of family or friends, don’t despair. Homemade turkey soup is so easy to make, I cook a big steaming pot every couple of weeks throughout […]

DIY: Cup of Noodle Soup

I never know what to eat for lunch. A sandwich feels like too much, a salad not quite enough. Soup is just right but unless I’ve made a pot of homemade, I’m out of luck because I want something fast, easy AND fresh. I’m here to tell you that I’ve found the perfect solution to […]

From Bones to Broth

So yeah, this is my waistline right about now. It’s been a good couple of months. I’ve been bad in such delicious ways, but it might be time to reclaim a waistline. Like my husband’s grandmother would say, “I’ve had a good time, but I’ve had it long enough.” Used to be – was it […]

Luscious Squash Soup, or Purée

Poppy and I seem to be smitten with squash these days. So be it. It’s in harmony with blazing fall colors, with cool weather, and it is truly luscious in texture and taste. This can be a soup or a purée for the Thanksgiving table. You could say the recipe is ‘forgiving’, or you could say […]

Tomato Love Gone Bad

I love tomatoes. I wish I could eat them three times a day, 365 days a year.  Thankfully, I cannot – there ‘s usually a price to pay for such indulgence. And it’s more than that. As the northern hemisphere moves into dark tomato-less months, eating fresh tomatoes becomes a dilemma. This is a Mixed […]

Transition to Fall: Harvest Season Soup

By the time you read this, summer will be officially over (sniff, sniff). With the changing of the seasons, our taste for salads is quickly turning into a demand for soup. Case in point – last weekend I attended a natural dye workshop on beautiful Lopez Island that I can’t wait to tell you about […]

Party Menu in a Hurry: Seafood Chowder

My brother and I made a double batch of this seafood chowder for twelve of us the other night, with an array of vegetables, leek dip, baguette, cookies and ice cream. When four more showed up there was still plenty. A festive menu that leaves time for the cook to smell the roses before dinner, […]

10 More Favorite Recipes from Mixed Greens Blog

It’s my turn give you ten of my favorite posts. While Sally chose hers mainly for sentimental reasons, I decided to go for more practical reasons. This is a list of recipes that bring me back to the blog over and over to remind myself how I made something. Don’t ask me why I can […]

On the Local Table: Fresh Corn Chowder

This chowder isn’t tricked up much, it has a little kick, but the familiar taste prevails, in this case fresh corn. We’ve almost turned the corner seasonally speaking. This meal is full of summer’s sweet corn, yet chowdery and comforting, which we might need as soon as next week. I’m just sayin’. When the weather […]