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Get Your Green On: Freekeh

I know, I know. St. Patrick’s Day is supposed to be about corned beef and Irish soda bread but today I’m writing about a different kind of green — green wheat, better known as freekeh. It’s a Middle Eastern ancient grain that’s harvested green, then sun-dried and roasted giving it a distinctive nutty flavor, very […]

Robust Quinoa Salad, Jackpot!

When you say you’re just having salad for dinner it could be this: quinoa with roasted squash, leeks and pumpkin seeds, parsley and cilantro, Mimosa dressing. Enough by itself, but you could add anything else that sounds good, like grilled Portobella mushrooms, lentils, a piece of fish or chicken, or chopped kale beneath the warm […]

Summer Salads’ Cookbook

Please pass the salad. Another Mixed Greens digital cookbook, another invitation to join us at our table. Fun to compile, we hope you enjoy. Our next cookbook, autumnal salads or soups. Let us know if you have a favorite.

Eat Out

Being outdoors, even just barely out the door, changes the experience of the meal. Spirits are lifted, birdsong and lawnmowers are part of the vibe, conversation shifts. The front steps beckon, the balcony, backyard, a nearby park or beach. It’s summertime. Whatever you’re eating, pack it up and go. Last minute, I’ve been known to […]

Party Menu in a Hurry: Seafood Chowder

My brother and I made a double batch of this seafood chowder for twelve of us the other night, with an array of vegetables, leek dip, baguette, cookies and ice cream. When four more showed up there was still plenty. A festive menu that leaves time for the cook to smell the roses before dinner, […]

Spring’s Fast Fresh Food

Time for fresh, quickly cooked food from nearby and savoring it under a blossoming tree somewhere. If it doesn’t rain first, says the pessimist self; definitely, the sun is back says the optimist. Lilacs, asparagus and herbs mark the season – and anniversaries. Branches of blooming lilacs festooned our May sailboat wedding along with pizza, […]

New Favorite Salad

I recently spent a week in Sun Valley, cross country or downhill skiing every day, and eating this salad for lunch every other day. Other salads were available, probably equally delicious, burgers, chili, pizza, but once I’d had this I couldn’t not order it. Out of my control. My fave. I’ve been making it at […]

Flavor it Green

And no, I’m not talking about beer. How can a person be on vacation and at the same time be on a health kick? Why is it called a health kick anyway? Because it lasts such a short time or because it’s so much fun?  Anyway, I’m on one, partly because I’m ready and partly […]

10 More Favorite Recipes from Mixed Greens Blog

It’s my turn give you ten of my favorite posts. While Sally chose hers mainly for sentimental reasons, I decided to go for more practical reasons. This is a list of recipes that bring me back to the blog over and over to remind myself how I made something. Don’t ask me why I can […]

Festive Fall Carrots Roasted Salad

Rubbed with olive oil and herbs, roasted and then dressed, sprouts, sunflower seeds, avocado, . . . yeah, I’m talking about carrots strutting their stuff. This is a carrot ready to party. I read that carrots are in this fall, the vegetable of the moment, the darling of innovative chefs. Truth is they’re one of […]