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10 More Favorite Recipes from Mixed Greens Blog

It’s my turn give you ten of my favorite posts. While Sally chose hers mainly for sentimental reasons, I decided to go for more practical reasons. This is a list of recipes that bring me back to the blog over and over to remind myself how I made something. Don’t ask me why I can […]

I Heart Walnuts

I scored over the holidays and ended up with two big bags of fresh organic walnuts, one shelled the other whole, both incredibly nutritious and delicious. These gifts prompted me not only to dig up our ancient nutcrackers which we’ve previously used mainly for crab but also to do a little research on walnuts. It […]

Wild Mushroom Lasagna

This lasagna has been on the table just a few times in the past decade. Each time we’re blown away by its deliciousness and I wonder how it’s possible to have neglected such a memorable dish for months/years at a time. Bake it whenever you’re ready, the fragrance is amazing, and then the moment of […]

Looking Back at 2012

Before looking forward and thinking about what I’d like to accomplish in 2013, I decided to spend a few moments looking back at 2012. I often check our recipes on Mixed Greens to remind myself of how to make a certain dish but this time I wanted to think more about what posts represent an […]

Lovin’ Leftovers

One of the best things about Thanksgiving is the leftovers. Roasting a turkey is a big commitment to have the whole thing over in one big meal, especially if you’re doing the cooking. I don’t know about you but when I have a lot of people to feed, I can barely taste what I’ve prepared […]

Out of the Fire and into the Grill Pan

June gloom, it’s such a downer. It happens every year and we still seem so unprepared to wait until after the 4th of July to start planning outdoor bbq’s. Sure, you might luck out and have a beautiful day on the weekend —  nice enough to fire up the grill and maybe even eat outdoors. […]

Fennel Grilled Pacific NW Salmon

For days I’d had this perfect Memorial Day meal in mind involving barbecue, potato salad, wilted lettuce from the garden, rhubarb crisp, a cool glass of something served at the worn picnic table in the backyard, peonies in the background on the brink of their hot pink display. With even a hint of sun, I […]

Put An Egg On It

  There’s An Egg In My Soup! Inspired by the Portlandia put-a bird-on-it-sketch in which Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein insist that putting a bird image on anything, and I mean anything, makes it design savvy and market-worthy, this post revolves around a similar concept. If a bird is your go-to design punch in a […]

Annie’s Birthday Dinner: A Mediterranean Chowder

Not fussy, but worthy, an abundant Mediterranean-style seafood chowder for my sister Annie’s birthday dinner on the first day of spring – also the birthday of my paternal grandmother, who lived to be 100 and who’s life was so blessedly intertwined with ours. A meal with family, including our brother and mother plus a few […]

Sheet Pan Palooza

I really got on a roll with cooking dinners last week thanks to an article on Weeknight Sheet-Pan dinners by Rozanne Gold in the March Issue of Bon Appetit. She has a new twist on one-pot dinners that fits perfectly with the way I like to cook and eat — tons of roasted vegetables with […]