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When You’ve Got Lemons & Turkey…

We’re going on three days of turkey leftovers and by now, it’s time to introduce some different flavors to the mix. I’m craving something new, more ethnic and with a little spice. Besides having a huge container of turkey and yes, I made my turkey stock, I also ended up with two extra bags of […]

Turn Up the Heat with Peppers

I love the warm, earthy smell of peppers in the fall at the farmers market. Roasted-on-the-spot peppers are a treat worth waiting all year for but this year I had a different mission in mind once I discovered a simple recipe to make my own chili garlic sauce.  Now I can dole out my pepper […]

Put a Cherry on Top

Every Christmas Eve when we make Old-Fashioneds, I swear that I’ll make my own maraschino cherries when they finally come into season and this year I finally did. I’m talking about the real thing — just cherries soaked in maraschino liqueur — a clear, bittersweet, Croatian concoction that has nothing to do with red dye […]

The Winter Tomato Dilemma

How can I put this delicately? You’d be out of your mind to buy tomatoes mid-winter? Or the more delicate version, think twice before consuming an industrial winter tomato from far away that’s grown with extremely questionable, shall we say, techniques. The human cost is devastating to consider and has been referenced in a previous […]

Salt of the Cod

I know what you’re thinking. Why would anyone spend time salting fish just to turn around and reconstitute it? I know it sounds a little crazy but if you think of it in terms of pickles vs. cucumbers, you might understand the flavor added by the curing process. It takes a fairly mild, okay, bland […]

Green Tomatoes: Just Fry Them

Okay, I give up. Many of my tomatoes just aren’t going to ripen this year. Plan B is to make fried green tomatoes and to ripen the rest off the vine. This week I took some big steps toward mentally preparing myself for the impending winter. I packed away my summer clothes, most of which […]

Happiness is a bowl of Sungolds mid-winter

Golden orbs of sublime flavor these Sungolds. We love August and September when their vines are loaded and tomato grazing is prime. I return to the house after such a foray – me and my tomatoes alone at last – with my culinary soul satisfied and hands tinged with tomatoes’ invisible aura, the pigment that, […]

Put Some Fire in Your Belly: Kimchi

Making your own kimchi isn’t as hard as it sounds and you may find it’s just what’s needed as an antidote to the winter doldrums. I figure just about everybody could use a spicy little kick-in-the-pants right about now. Kimchi will spice up any meal and at the same time gives your digestion and immunity […]

Roast It! Apples, cranberries, tomatoes . . .

Apples, cauliflower, tomatoes, tomatillos, eggplant, cranberries . . . you name it, you can probably roast it. Starting with this applesauce. My roasting memories involve a chunk of meat on Sundays with a pile of vegetables that were conveniently roasted along side. The word roast was synonymous with the meat so I grew up assuming […]

Peachy Mornings on the Horizon

. . . thanks to Billy. In the pouring rain we dashed in and out of our farmers market the other morning with solid intention to buy only what we needed for dill pickle making – cukes, garlic and fresh dill. We accomplished that, plus some cauliflower, at Whistling Train Farm where Shelley had it […]