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Peachy Mornings on the Horizon

. . . thanks to Billy. In the pouring rain we dashed in and out of our farmers market the other morning with solid intention to buy only what we needed for dill pickle making – cukes, garlic and fresh dill. We accomplished that, plus some cauliflower, at Whistling Train Farm where Shelley had it […]

Herbes de Pacific Northwest

I know. I can’t bear it either — the reality that summer is practically over. I makes me want to hold on to our delicious September light as long as I can. I think I’ve come up with a way to make the transition from outdoor to indoor living the tiniest bit easier. I know […]

Putting food by . . . Pickles

Summer’s waning and you just want to kick back, have another vacation weekend, another picnic, tweak the garden, spend time with a daughter, a husband, a friend . . . but nay, produce beckons. For some veggies the annual, seasonal show is over. But in late August and September there are a few fruits and […]

A Strawberry Jamboree

I was recently reminded of small batch jam making, which simply means that you make a few jars at a time and repeat the process whenever you have an hour and a few cups of fruit to spare. Preserving any food is a satisfying experience, and in this case you have luminous jars of ruby-colored […]

Preserve It: Sun-Dried Jam

I’m not a huge jam-eater and the thought of pectin, paraffin, jelly thermometers and jar-lifters puts my brain on instant overload. Yet in my perfect world, I have a vision of a very orderly pantry lined with jars filled with various delicacies to savor throughout the year — continuous reminders of our luscious summer produce. […]

Horseradish Kicks Butt

If you need a decisive kick in the butt culinarily speaking, horseradish will gladly give it to you along with the gift of its pungent flavor (and a bunch of vitamin C). You probably love it or hate it. My dad was decisively in the ‘love it’ camp. Cowboy that he was, and he was, […]

On the Local Table: Pears in Season

Many of our pears were ripe and on the ground when we returned home from vacation last week, but salvageable. Time for chutney, pear salad, poached pears, or simply sliced with a piece of cheddar. Unlike other fruits some pears diminish in quality when ripened on the tree – better to pick them just before […]

Can It: Spiced Crabapples

Since I attempting to be somewhat anti-consumerism, I haven’t exactly been inundated with requests to review products but receiving a box of crabapples, now this is right up my alley…. It’s been a while since I did much pickling other than making Sally’s dill pickles, which by the way, are well worth the effort.

Dill Pickle Making

Making dill pickles is an annual tradition based on my grandmother’s recipe. We are duty-bound after all these years, family and friends now expect their quart at Christmas. Plus, it’s another way to remember a grandmother who left such a legacy for us, her love of gardening, food-making and the outdoors. The time for pickling […]

Tomato Sauce for Winter

Surely among the top ten slow foods is tomato sauce. The reward for preserving them in late summer will be the essence of luscious vine-ripened garden tomatoes mid-winter in a soup or marinara sauce, with an onion and sausage frittata or mushroom polenta. I’m a fool for tomatoes and should make myself a tomato cape, […]